The Johnson family

Friday, December 19, 2008


My sweet little great niece, Alexis developed a fever the other night and they had to take her to the hospital in Iowa City. They found out that her port (where she receives her chemo through) is infected. She developed another fever the next day and is now required to spend the next 2 weeks in the hospital. Please keep her and her family in mind during this Christmas season and pray for her speedy recovery. Thanks!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I love this pic of the boys

AJ's coach with the plaque we gave him

AJ receiving his Titans team trophy

Only half the team showed up for the party (Rusty, Trey, Christian, AJ, Dakota, Ethan)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


It has taken me so long to blog again because I have been waiting for the end of the season party for AJ's football team, which they finally had over the weekend. The team ended up losing the first game of the playoffs and it was pretty much devastating for everyone. After the game, the team had to go and receive their 1st place trophies for their division. It was really very bittersweet. Their party was Saturday, but I had to work and wasn't able to get out of it. AJ received a really nice trophy that had his name on it and we have it proudly displayed on the mantel with his other trophy.

Other things happening around the Johnson home: we had a very nice Thanksgiving. Our friend Dan came over to have dinner with us and after dinner, our neighbors Leo and Laurie came over and shared a bottle of wine with us. It was a great day and I was thankful to be able to share it with friends.

Black Friday really was black Friday. Our store did not do well at all this year in sales and I found out that the owner is going to have to pull out of the mall this coming May. It's very sad for me because this is the only store I have known and worked at for the past 6 years and I absolutely love the job and the people I meet. It was like my home away from home and I'm really going to miss it.

On another note, I'm shocked at what happened at the Wal-mart in NY. So unbelievable the way people behave just because something's on sale for the holidays. Makes me sick.

Jacob is so cute. I love the things he says to me. I should really post them when he says something cute. Otherwise I'll forget! These are the things I remember: lately he's been very polite. Saying thank you all the time or no thank you if he doesn't want it. Of course, he says "kank you" or "no kanks". When he's trying to think of something, he looks up towards the ceiling and taps his chin with his finger. He calls his tummy his pink and when he has a stomach ache, he says his pink hurts. If he makes a "rude" noise he will let you know! He proudly says "I burped" or "I farted"! I'll ask him what is he supposed to say when that happens and he responds with "Excuse you!". It's never boring with him around, that's for sure!

I am seriously thinking about having all the boys (I include Jaime in this) go to anger management classes or some type of therapy. The anger they all possess and show at the littlest things is really starting to bother me and I'm not sure what to do about it. Something needs to change around here and soon. It's not healthy.

Lastly, on a depressing note, Jaime was let go from his job this past week. They are nice enough to still be paying him up until the end of January, but then we're on our own. And with the economy being the way it is, I'm afraid it's not going to be like the old days where he was able to find a job within a week or 2. Although right now as I type this, he's in Houston working a job, but it's only temporary. I'm not even sure how he'll be down there. So please, keep us in your prayers that something will turn up for him.

I changed my mind. I'm going to end this post on a positive note. It sounds like the chemo is working for my great niece, Alexis. The spot she had on her lung was gone when they did her last CT scan, so that's absolutely wonderful! I haven't heard anything more, so I don't know how she's reacting to her 3rd round of chemo. I just know that it was going to be a very strong round and would probably make her more sick than she's been until now, but it's great that it's working!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Mighty Mighty Titans!

Undefeated!!! What a season! What a coach! What a fantastic group of kids! I can't wait until the playoffs next weekend!

Winning team!

Look at #6 go after the ball!

The team! #1 Jordan, #2 Caleb, #4 AJ, #5 Ethan, #6 Adam, #7 Trey, #8 Sam, #9 Corrion, #10 Christian, #11 Dakota, #12 Rusty


It was another gorgeous year for trick or treating. A little too warm for the boys with masks, and poor Jacob was sweating, he was so hot! They had a great time walking around the neighborhood with their friends. Jacob picked the perfect costume to wear this year. Sammy's mask lit up in different colors and AJ couldn't see out of his mask, so he took it off halfway down the block.

I'm not sure if the face matches the costume or the costume matches the face!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I haven't heard too much about my great niece Alexis, but I wanted to post what I do know. During the 3 weeks she had off from chemo, she started getting sick and was losing her hair. She went back yesterday to start her 2nd round of chemo for the next 5 days (4 now) and then I think they're going to do another scan to see if it's shrunk at all. From what I heard, if it hasn't shrunk, I don't think they're going to continue because it is supposed to be a very aggressive form of chemo and I guess they think it should've done it's job by now. I'm not sure if I agree with that, but who am I to say anything? All we can do is pray at this point that the chemo is working.

Monday, October 13, 2008


From October 3 through October 11 is always a big week in our family. My sweet little niece, Adreana, turned 3 on October 3rd. Isn't she just a doll?
Then we have my birthday on the 7th, which I will not post any pictures of myself from that day! I was so sick and looked absolutely horrible!! Plus, I'm starting to look my age, which I don't like one bit! Then, on the 9th, we have my handsome nephew, Austen AND my mother's birthday.

Of course, on the 10th, we have AJ's birthday who turned 8 this year. He's getting to be such a big boy! You will notice how I made sure you could tell there were 8 candles!

Here's my wonderful mother. I need to learn how to put the pictures in order so they make more sense to the story! And don't worry, mom, I'll be hush hush about what year this was for you!!!

AJ opening his present. Daddy decided this year that he was going to get a new flat screen TV for his bedroom. Needless to say, he loves it!

Here's all my "men" on my birthday. Aren't they a handsome group?

On the 11th is mine and Jaime's wedding anniversary. We got to enjoy the day at AJ's football game and bowling with the boys. Then the boys went skating and Jaime and I (and Jacob) went out for a nice dinner. It was a perfect day.
AJ's team is doing so well this year. They are undefeated and tied for first place with the team they're playing in this picture. (They tied this game which is why they're still tied for first, if they had won, they would've had sole lead) But hey, we'll take tied for first! It is so exciting to watch, but kind of confusing because I'm not used to flag football rules.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Alexis Rae

We just found out the 16th of September that my great niece, Alexis has cancer. It's stage 4 neuroblastoma and after many tests, they've found it is in her little body pretty much from head to toe. They've only given her a 50/50 chance and have started an aggressive form of chemo either this last Tuesday or Wednesday and will do 5 days of 2 shots each day, wait 3 weeks then do 5 more days. I'm pretty sure that's what I was told. It's so hard to remember everything and it's even harder being down here with everyone else back in Iowa and I still haven't even met her yet. She's only 15 months old and it's just not fair. I've been praying for her and my nephew and his wife and I know a lot of other people have been praying too. I'm really hoping for a Christmas miracle this year and would appreciate anyone reading this to also pray for her.


Sammy's in 5th grade now and still loves school. Had our parent teacher conference the other day and the teachers could do nothing but brag about him (kind of like how I'm doing here). I am just so proud of that kid. He's getting either an A or an A+ in all his classes and they just love him to death. I'd still like to know who's child he is. I started hating school in about 3 grade and I don't think Jaime ever cared too much for school either. But he's doing such a great job and I hope he continues to have that attitude all through junior high and high school.

AJ, on the other hand, oh my goodness. Everything is a hassle with him. He hates school, he hates reading, he hates writing, and he especially hates spelling. Everything is just "stupid". Or it's too hard. Monday through Thursdays are nothing but a battle in this house after 3:00. It's getting really old and I am clueless what to do with him. And he's only in 2nd grade!!!! This is why I was really surprised at his parent teacher conference because she also had nothing but good things to say about AJ. He's doing better about not talking, he's getting A's and B's in most of his classes (except for LA, he's failing and that's because of his spelling words). But we've been working on that he's even doing better in spelling. I just don't understand why he has to act that way at home, but at school be the perfect student. Seriously......

Jacob and I spend the whole day together and have a ball. I should really start working with him on viewing his letters and numbers instead of just trying to get him to say them. He'll be starting pre-k next year and I'd like him to know his alphabet by sight.


We signed the boys up for football this year. First time for both of them. It was a tad expensive and I was disappointed, yet relieved that Sammy quit after his second practice. That poor boy, I have never let them join any sports because I was selfish (hey, I can admit it) and didn't want to take them to their practices and/or games. And it never bothered me because it never bothered them. It wasn't like they were asking me if they could join, so I just let it go. That was where I made my mistake. Because of Sammy's grade and age, they put him in the senior league of tackle football. Sammy's like 4'3" and maybe 65 lbs. All these other kids were closer to 5' and taller and weighed a lot more. Sammy would come up to their shoulders and would just go flying whenever he got tackled. I was so proud of him and was very thrilled when the coach would even make a big deal how Sammy was the smallest kid out there but would just get right back up on his feet. But my baby (and he'll kill me if he ever reads that) didn't like it and I can't blame him one bit. I wouldn't have liked it either getting pummeled every day at practice. I just wish he would've stuck it out ONE game to see if the actual game was any better than practice. Oh well, live and learn, right? AJ, on the other in senior flag football and is the 2nd biggest kid on his team. So why the coach doesn't put him on defense is beyond me. He only has practice 2 days a week and a game on Saturday, so it's not so bad. It's getting exciting now too, because they tied their first game and have one the next two so they're doing awesome this year. And with only one coach. That's pretty impressive. Jacob can't wait until next year because he thinks he'll get to play. We'll see....

Benji's at Colorado and Garden of the Gods

This was probably the best day the boys had while we were in Colorado. Jaime's buddy, Benji, lives up in the mountains and the boys got to spend all day either riding the 4-wheeler or hiking up Benji's mountain. And their mother, got to go for her first motorcylce ride in over 14 years! Froze my butt off, but it was worth it!
Some little roadside park.

The "boys" in front of the famous balanced rock at Garden of the Gods.

Sammy, Jaime, Jacob and AJ on one of their hikes up Benji's mountain.

Me and the boys.

Sammy and AJ on another rock! We didn't stay at the Garden of the Gods for too long, because as you can see in the background, the rain was coming in and Jacob was terrified of the thunder.

Go-carts and ski lifts

This is the view coming down on the ski lift from lunch at the top of the mountain. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? Doesn't look that cold, does it?!
Sammy or AJ took this one while we were inside eating lunch. I wish the camera could've done justice to the view.

Doesn't Jacob look like he's having a ball?!

Sammy getting ready. He was about 2 or 3 inches too short, so I ended up riding with him. Poor kid. Maybe next year.....

Sammy loved this. He was up there doing flips and everything.

AJ and me getting ready. If you're wondering about the look on his face......that's pretty much the way it was all week. The only time he was happy was when we were back at the hotel and they were swimming.

Jaime and Jacob. Jacob doesn't care one way or other!!

AJ doing his thing. I was proud of him for getting on it because he was not wanting to go very high on it.

More Colorado

This is our trip up to Mt Evans. The view was beautiful (when I was brave enough to look) but it sure was cold. The boys loved it though. Living in Texas, they don't see snow like that all the time. Or even some of the time!! Although, they did yell at Jaime and me for not remembering to bring their gloves. Okay, it's the middle of August, who's going to think about gloves?
I think Jaime actually got out of the car for this picture. I know I didn't take you see that drop off?! I will have to say that I "yelled" quite a bit at the boys to stay on the trails/paths for fear of them getting hurt.

AJ and Jacob standing so proud next to their snowman. We had left the top of Mt Evans and the boys were upset they didn't get to make a snowman, so we stopped at a little area halfway down so they could play some more. And where it was a little warmer!